In the Italian countryside, "Farm to Fork", "Sustainable", "Seasonal", "Organic", "Local"  are not recent fads, cool buzz phases, or political statements. It is the way life has been for millennia, and for good reason.  Life is too short to just eat. Every meal is a celebration of life, the people around us, our blessings, and great food and wine.  In Italy out of season goods picked green and shipped a thousand miles won't do, the Italians eat fresh in season, and while it is in season preserve as much fresh goods as possible, or simply do without until the next season.

In Italy taste is King.  While there have been many"more efficient" farming practices developed in modern history, hardly any of them are trying to improve taste. Most are to get livestock and produce to market faster, create larger and more abundant harvests, or growing goods that are visually pleasing.  There is good reason why the slow food movement originated in Italy not far from our maternal ancestral home.  When the world started to develop a desire for better tasting goods they didn't have to look far to find where they have always been. 

But creating great ingredients is a major investment, not only in dollars but in time, effort, and emotional commitment.  The fact is heritage breeds grow 3 times slower, but taste much better... heirloom vegetables are lower yielding, smaller, and many times less visually consistent, but taste better... and so it is with all of what we consume. And no where does the general population demand quality, freshness, and authenticity more than in Italy. There are reasons why the wine and dishes from each region of Italy are unique. Sometimes in large ways, and many times smaller more subtle variations make the difference.  Even before the tomato, pepper, potato and corn came to the pennislua from the new world, dishes had been developed to be in balance with the land, and the wine produced at that location.

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