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 Caprese Skewers

Caprese Skewers


Private Chef Services

Rates starting at $1000/party (Up to 10 people)

We bring the Italian countryside right into your home, and everything we need to create this very special experience for you and your guests: our own tools, both fresh and imported ingredients,  and our passion for the Italian Osteria.

"A tavola con buoi amici e una buona famiglia non si diventa vecchio."
(At the table, with good friends and family, you do not become old)

Raccogliere, Pranzare, Festeggiare (Gather, Dine, Celebrate) - an ages old tradition in the Italian countryside. Far more than just eating, it is an affair to celebrate life.  Italy naturally embraces and exudes a slower pace, where time spent with family and friends is treasured, and life is celebrated by gathering together to enjoy a simple great meal.  All of it happens around the table, a dining experience of inspired cuisine and authentic wines with friends old and newly met, and a storm of spontaneous conversations... this is the basic concept of the Osteria!

Hands on Learning Events

Rates starting at $100 per person

Brought right to your home.... the art of classic Italian dishes, there are no written recipes, only a hands on experience passed down from generation to generation.

Discover techniques of making fresh pasta, rustic grilling,  bread baking, roasting, and sauce making.  This is a hands on cooking experience, and  Chef Marco will provide an in-depth history of the seasons, the ingredients, and the dishes. 

Then sit down with matched wines and enjoy the meal you helped prepare. Specialty ingredients are available for sale, and there are always leftovers and gifts for participants.

 Rolling Fresh Pasta

Rolling Fresh Pasta


"Marko and Lissio's Osteria di Guiliano is fantisimo! I have enjoyed Italian cuisine in Italy and I've also had the pleasure of Marko and Lissio's fare...and their's is truly authentic. Wonderful people, outstanding service, and incredible cuisine. Bravo!"

/  Brian Leonhard  /