Osteria di Giuliano

The Symphony...
that is the Italian Dinner Party

100 generations of tradition

What, When, Where

The ambience created by worn treasures of linen and wood, glass and ceramiche, iron and steel

The magic of light & the joy of music

The spiritual connection of gathering family and friends...

dinner for 2 ... or 200

The Food...
"La vita e' troppo breve per mangiare cattivo cibo"

(life is too short to
eat bad food)

Food that brings people together, inspires gatherings, and feeds the soul

Great ingredients are the foundation of a great meal, simple preparation elevates them, each tell their own story with a whisper....


The Wine
a backward approach...  

...sometimes.  Most everyone understands that food and wine compliment each other, especially in Italia!

Authentic wine,  that which is made in the old tradition... slow, natural, in tune with life and the earth the grapes grow in, is special.  

It is respect of this art that we choose to create dishes matching the wine, with sensitivity to the history and location of both....


"A tavola con buoi amici e una buona famiglia non si diventa vecchio."
(at the table, with good friends and family, you do not become old)

Raccogliere, Pranzare, Festeggiare (Gather, Dine, Celebrate) an ages old tradition in the Italian countryside. Far more than just eating...  an affair to celebrate life.  Italy naturally embraces and exudes a slower pace, where time spent with family and friends is treasured, and life is celebrated by gathering together to enjoy a simple great meal.  All of it happens around the table, a dining experience of inspired cuisine, authentic wines.... with friends old and newly met, and a storm of spontaneous conversations... this is the basic concept of the Osteria!


We bring the Italian countryside right into your home... and everything we need to create this very special experience for you and your guests... our own tools, both fresh and imported ingredients,  and our passion for the Italian Osteria.


Time Honored Traditional Methods


Buffet, Butlered, Family style, Formal Plated

Dinner for two... or two hundred!

clean up

Bask in the glow of the meal and spend time with your guests; we'll handle everything, and leave your kitchen just like we found it.