"il Bisbigliare" Secret Supper Club

You found us...  Shhhhhh! It's a secret!

Ciao e’ Benvenuto Amici - Welcome to ”il Bisbigiare" Secret Supper Club (the whisper - to speak softly and quietly)

The era of the secret supper club / underground / pop-up restaurant is here...

il Bisbigliare" YouTube Channel

Welcome to ”il Bisbigiare" Secret Supper Club (the whisper). The idea is simple: local dining enthusiasts willing to dedicate several hours once a month to Gather, Dine, and Celebrate.

Each month we pair up with Chef Marco from Osteria di Giuliano (The Art of the Italian Dinner Party).  In authentic Osteria style there is one long table, everyone joins in on the conversations, and of course we dine outside whenever possible. 

Our evening begins with an "Aperitivo", a meet and greet happy hour with sprits and prosecco gifted by Chef Marco. 

Then we move to a seated multi course small plates event of authentic rustic Italian cuisine matched to wines recommended by our “Vino Consigliere” Stefano (yes that is backwards, food matched to wine). Because the food selections are authentic to where the wine comes from, both the food and the wine are elevated by the pairings.  We finish with one of Lisa’s luscious desserts.

The cost for most events is $75.00 per person, and we have been keeping it cash to make it simple to pay the chef and his staff.  Wines are sometimes sponsored and sometimes BYOB thanks to Pennsylvania liquor control laws, but many times attendees organize a wine “pool”. 

So here is how it works- event announcements are sent out via an email service (Mail Chimp) about 1 month ahead of the event.  Reservations are then accepted on a 1st come - 1st serve basis up to one week prior to the event. We require 10 reservations to hold the event.  For 2018 we are looking to host 12 main dinner events, and a few events for special occasions such as fund raising for local charities and causes.  

PLEASE NOTE: Seating is limited based on the host facility so dinners may fill up quickly - if the event is already full you will receive a "thank you but we are full message". 

We ask that participants follow the "Italian Rules of Table Etiquette" The two primary being…

1. Please do not discuss politics or religion at the table

2. Only discuss your business if asked, please wait for the invitation

We also sponsor several  types of events  like "Pop Up" restaurant events in interesting venues such as Art Galleries, etc. These  feature fund raising for local charities and causes. If you know of an event you would like us to consider doing please let us know, and if you have an interest in being the Host and / or Hostess for an event!

"il Bisbigliare" YouTube Channel